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The mission of Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. is to transform lives of underprivileged people through philanthropy by providing opportunities for education, nourishment, and healing.


Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. will help change the course of many lives of underserved and underprivileged people by providing education and youth development opportunities with tuition and program support; as well as by providing nourishment for the body and soul through philanthropic opportunities that offer disaster relief, and food relief.  Endless Hope Foundation understands that in providing these things, those who are disadvantaged will go on to be the successful and enriched people they were meant to be.





Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. understands the importance of stewardship: By taking care of others with compassion, this world will become a better world.  Endless Hope seeks to foster, steep, and promote a sense of giving with every individual whose path we cross by encouraging and offering volunteer ideas and opportunities; as well as the chance to give monetarily and/or materially to charities and/or people in need.


Ensuring youth from historically marginalized communities and low-income families have access to secondary education.

Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. believes education is the key to a successful path in life; and a good education should not be only for those well off.  By providing tuition assistance through scholarships, Endless Hope aspires to enrich the lives of young, disadvantaged people seeking university education and/or trade school opportunities.  Endless Hope seeks to empower motivated individuals whose largest setback is lack of financial resources. Endless Hope invests in education because it believes that today’s young people will be tomorrow’s leaders.


Ensuring all disadvantaged and underserved peoples have food on their tables.

Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. believes no one should starve or wonder how they will be able to put food on the table.  By supporting nonprofit organizations that feed the poor and homeless, Endless Hope hopes to save lives.  Endless Hope understands the importance of ensuring the body and brain get the nutrients needed to maintain good mental and physical health.



Ensuring health and medical equality for all, despite economic disadvantages.

Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc. understands the hardship that comes with severe illness/injury, natural disasters, and human-made disasters.  Endless Hope seeks to support those who lend a helping hand to people and communities who come to face these life-changing events through financial resources, material support and volunteer opportunities.


We strive to be steadfast and strong through our mission; by supporting and believing in basic and good human values, we HOPE to positively impact & make a difference in lives of underprivileged people.

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