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Since its incorporation in 2016, Endless Hope Private Foundation has taken the opportunity to support many different causes both domestic and international.  Over the years, Endless Hope has given over $400,000 to support people in need so that they may have better, brighter futures.


By matching MISA Imports employee donations (and donations of affiliates and partners), Endless Hope also supports the philanthropical efforts of the people who work with and for Sam, thereby demonstrating his philosophy of treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Here, in the United States, Endless Hope Private Foundation has donated to organizations like: Grace Within Me (Dallas, TX), Hope Kids (Dallas, TX), Genesis Women's Shelter (Dallas, TX), Our Calling (Dallas, TX), Scottish Rite Hospital (Dallas, TX), Children's Medical Center of Dallas (Dallas, TX), Mi Escuelita Preschool (Dallas, TX), Children's Miracle Network, The Salvation Army (Dallas, TX), and others.  We continue to look for new opportunities to spread our good will, and new organizations with whom we can partner with.

Aside from supporting respected and established organizations like those named, Endless Hope Private Foundation also provides emergency support in the wake of natural disasters.  In 2021, Endless Hope provided assistance to families in Louisiana for their recovery efforts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene.

The nature of Endless Hope's giving sees no borders.  We are all human, and therefore are all in this journey of life together.  Following the incredible tragedy of the explosions on August 4, 2020, that killed, injured and displaced so many people in the  Beirut, Lebanon, Endless Hope Private Foundation donated to Nusaned to help them rebuild.  


778,000 people were living in a 2-mile radius from explosion.

178 dead, 6,000 injured and 60 missing.

300,000 displaced, and elderly refused to leave damaged houses.

150,000 needed urgent humanitarian assistance.

80,000 children affected.

63,000 students affected by damage to education centers.

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