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"It is in giving that we receive."

The Philanthropic Programs of Endless Hope Private Foundation

Sam and the Family Assaad are dedicated to the spirituality and traditions of the Antiochian Orthodox Church.  They believe that in offering to God what they can, in Thanksgiving for the many blessings in creation, that humanity as a whole finds enrichment. The construction of Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Carrollton, Texas was a life-long dream that has become reality and one that builds community close to home.

Millions of Ukranians, mostly women and children leaving behind their husbands, sons, brothers, uncles and grandsons to fight, are finding refuge in neighboring countries.   Those leaving need support, as do those who are remaining in their country to defend it. As an organization based in the USA, a country which prioritizes human rights, democracy and freedoms, Endless Hope Private Foundation would like to send a show of solidarity to the people of the Ukraine by raising money to be used to aid them during this terrible crisis, and for the foreseeable future. 

In 2021, in partnership with University of North Texas Health Systems, Endless Hope Private Foundation helped to bring Remote Area Medical (RAM) — a major nonprofit provider of pop-up clinics delivering free, quality, dental, vision and medical care to underserved and uninsured individuals — to Fort Worth to provide free dental, vision, and medical services to patients who otherwise may not have been able to recieve care.

As education is a pillar of focus within its mission, Endless Hope Private Foundation supports the partnership between Costco and The College Success Foundation.  College Success Foundation is a national nonprofit that helps underserved, low-inicome students achieve their dream of a college education.

Endless Hope Private Foundation is committed to ensuring all children, despite circumstance, get a fair shot at life.  This is why Endless Hope supports Epworth, a multiservice agency that seeks to empower youth who have experienced trauma.   Endless Hope proudly serves to help lead the funding the mission of Epworth through its charitable donation to their annual Wine Dinner & Auction fundraising event each year.

Youth Emerging Stronger is a charity based in Los Angeles, California.  Their mission is to provide runaway, homeless and foster youth with safety, stability and housing, along with the relationships and resources to thrive now and in the future.  In 2021, Endless Hope Private Foundation formed a partnership with YES and matched the generous donations of MISA Los Angeles office employees and their constituents to support this important and life-saving organization.

Following the devastation brought to the low-lying areas of Louisiana in the wake of 2021's Hurricane Ida, Endless Hope Private Foundation matched the donation of the MISA employees and its affiliates 2:1. Endless Hope Private Foundation is committed to helping communities who have been faced with life-changing disasters.

Each year during the month of November, Endless Hope Private Foundation matches the food donations of the MISA Imports food drive. For the past 3 years, EHPF has supported The Salvation Army during the month of November, to support its mission to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world. 

Each year in December, Endless Hope Private Foundation matches the toy donations of MISA Imports, MISA employees and its affiliates so that more children will be able to receive a present on Christmas Day and during the many other holidays celebrated during the season.  Endless Hope also supports hospitals' greatest needs and specific projects.

Over the years, Endless Hope Private Foundation has made donations to various other nonprofit organizations, both large and small.  All qualifying nonprofit organizations that align with the mission and focus areas of Endless Hope are considered for support.

We strive to be steadfast and strong through our mission; by supporting and believing in basic and good human values, we HOPE to positively impact & make a difference in lives of underprivileged people.

Endless Hope Private Foundation, Inc., founded in 2016 in Dallas, Texas, is a registered  nonprofit organization as described in section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

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